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Although gambling seems to some players a nice pleasure after a hard week at work, it takes a dangerous turn for some other players. That's why we decided to give a review to BACTA self exclusion scheme.

There are many causes of gambling addiction, including desperation, the desire to experience thrills, and the social status associated with being a successful gambler.

The first fact that you must realize is that gambling addiction is not only a financial problem as there are many gamblers who do not have financial problems despite their addiction.

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Gambling addiction is an emotional issue where a person feels the need to gamble to relieve stress or because they feel a certain kind of euphoria when they gamble. In its advanced stages, the individual cannot control it. Therefore, gamblers need to force themselves to stop gambling using a self exclusion tool. BACTA's self exclusion programme is an excellent option for you if your gambling activities are only limited to land based casinos or bingo SE.

In this article, we will cover some important statistics about problem gambling and the BACTA self-exclusion system.

What Are Self exclusion Schemes?

Self exclusion is a voluntary method that players prone to gambling addiction can use to force themselves to stop gambling for at least six months. However, the max self exclusion can be up to five years or more. No matter how long a player chooses to self exclude, note that, it can never be cancelled after that.

There are two methods of self exclusion available. The first type is the self exclusion methods from land based casinos such as BACTA and SENSE. The second type is the self exclusion methods from online casinos such as GamBan and non GamStop.

How to Use BACTA?

At first, the player has to go to the official website of BACTA and read the terms of service.

If the player agrees to the terms, they can click on the self exclusion option to be able to start the signup process. The form asks you to enter these personal details:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Mobile number
  • Email
  • Home address

Specify the Duration of Cooling off

By default, the bacta service limits the self exclusion period to a max of 12 months. However, you can increase/ decrease your self exclusion duration using the arrows and buttons. Note that this duration is set from today. However, you can choose another day as you wish. This page will also ask you to enter your reason for making the self exclusion decision, after which you can click on the ‘Next' link.

Select the Period of Self exclusion

The service system will recognize your geographical location. If you are not at your current location, you can enter the location manually. By default, the BACTA system will ban you from accessing any casino located within 1 square kilometre of your location. Users can also exclude themselves from a wider area or even exclude themselves from casinos located elsewhere.

Take a picture of yourself!

The BACTA self exclusion system requires the player's photo to be sent to the casinos, thus completely preventing him from accessing them. To complete this step, click on the Live Capture button, and the front camera will open. Position your face inside the frame and take a picture of yourself. If you find the image already suitable, you can click on the “OK” link. The image will now appear in the window, and you can complete the subscription process by clicking on the “Next” link.

Terms & Conditions

This page provides the conditions and privacy policy of the service. If you have previously read and agreed to it, you can check all the boxes and complete the process.

Customer Identity Verification

To finish the bacta signup process, the casino must verify your identity. If you don't have your ID card handy now, you can leave this field blank, but remember that this step is important to completely exclude you from the casinos near where you live.

This is a smart way to interact with other players with the same problem. In this fair, each player gets a card with a different colour, and the colours indicate the following:

  • Red: New Exclusion
  • Amber: Exclusion Standing
  • Number: Extension period

Final Word

If gambling has become an issue rather than a means of entertainment, you must first determine the severity of the problem – remember that you will not be able to fix a problem you don't know! Next, you should focus all your efforts on avoiding the temptation to gamble at all costs. You can use various self exclusion programmes like BACTA to ensure that you are always in control.

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