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Although matched betting may seem to some novice bettors as a type of bet such as (Moneyline, Over/ Under, Both Team to score), it is not at all! Matched betting the UK is a strategy that ensures players always win and never lose their bets under any circumstances. Although this strategy is very effective and applied in sports betting sites, it is completely legal!

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To apply this strategy, you will need to create two accounts on different betting sites. One of them must offer a free betting offer. Then, you should use the free bet on a positive possibility such as: (England beat Sweden in the World Cup). On the second betting site, choose the opposite probability: (Sweden beat England in the World Cup). Note that you need to sign up on two different sites because no site will allow you to place two opposite bets on the same event.

How To Place a Matching Bet?

There are a lot of different ways to place a matching bet, but to keep things simple, we will discuss the easiest ways by which you can apply this strategy and get a guaranteed profit. The first way is the back bet and lay bet, while the second one is the over/under bet.

Back Bet and Lay Bet

To place the back bet, the player enters one of the betting sites which offers him a free bet and then bets on a specific outcome such as:

  • Germany’s win over Montenegro in the World Cup qualifiers.
  • Liverpool’s win over Borussia Dortmund in the European Cup.

Note that if you win this bet you will only get the win value and you will not recover the value of the bet back (because it’s a bonus), but if you lose you will not lose real money! Ideally, you should choose a site that offers you a weekly free bet bonus to place your back bet on such as: (Red Lion, Olympus Play).

The lay bet is a real money wager is placed in a different bookmaker than the one where you placed the back bet. This bet should be on opposite odds to your back bet, according to the above two examples your bet should be as follows:

  • Montenegro’s win over Germany in the World Cup qualifiers.
  • Borussia Dortmund beat Liverpool in the European Cup.

It is worth noting that if the site offers a free bet or a cash bonus it would be great to use it, this way you will get a sure winning. One of the most important sites where you can place a bet are: (Red Lion, Xplaywin).

Apply this strategy to an over/under bet

The over/under bet is one of the best football bets in terms of payouts. Also, it is easier than predicting the outcome of a match. So, you can apply the Matched Betting UK strategy to it as follows:

  • Enter the first site and get the free bet bonus, then place it on (over/ under) bet with a probability of (-2.5). That is, you predict that the match score from both teams is 3 goals or less from both teams.
  • Enter the second site, make a deposit, and use it to bet on the same event and then set the probability (+3). So, you expect to score more than 3 goals in a match from both teams!

Since in modern football no more than 4-5 goals are scored in a match, you will definitely win either bet! So, your profit is guaranteed.

The main objective of the identical bets is to reduce the stakes to almost zero as you will win any of the two bets you place. At first, you can learn this strategy through free bets, and then you can use it on cash bonuses, cashback, and other offers as well.

How to Win the Matching Bet?

To win the matching betting strategy you simply have to bet on the probability of a bookmaker. Then, you should bet on the Inverse probability on another bookmaker! This way, you will ensure that you get an advantage over the betting sites but legally!

The winning odds range from 80% to 95% and note that sports betting sites take a commission of 5% of every winning bet you place. This percentage may be lower in some sites. However, the winnings you will get will definitely be excellent since you used a free bet!

What are the Matched Bets Risks?

If you apply the steps correctly, your bets will not be associated with any risks at all, but if you miss some steps, you may lose some money. Here are the most important points that you should consider to place a successful matched betting:

  • Read the free bet terms.
  • Avoid the high wagering requirements (if the wagering requirements range from 3x to 5x it will be very suitable if it is higher than that it will be difficult to make real profits from it).
  • Sometimes the bonus is directed to certain championships or matches. So, you should stick to betting on them.

What are the average monthly winnings that I can get from a matched betting?

The winnings you can get depend on your bets’ odds, and the value of the free bets, as well as the time you spend applying this strategy. However, in general, players can earn from $300 to $2500 per month by applying matched betting strategy.

How Long Do I Need to Practice the Matching Betting Strategy?

The time needed to master this strategy depends on your own pace! While pro players need a few days to make huge profits from matched betting strategy, novice players may need a longer period to try it. However, the newbies have a great advantage in that they can join many betting sites and get welcome bonuses and free bets!

Do I Need to Know Certain Rules Before Placing a Matching bet?

You don’t need to know specific rules about sports or betting to apply the matching bets strategy. All you need to do is to place two opposite bets on two different sports betting sites. If you win the bet you placed with real money you will get your bet back and get the profit. While if you win the bonus bet you will only get the win value. In other words, in either case, you will not completely lose!

Is Matched Betting Legal?

Yes, of course! No risk matched betting is a very clever strategy that gives players a huge advantage over betting sites but does not go against the law or any site’s terms and conditions.

Although if you review the terms and conditions page of any bookmaker, you will find a stupid sentence: “It is forbidden to implement any strategy that guarantees the player an advantage on the site.” However, you are using your right as a player to join more than one site. So, there is nothing that violates the law or the rules of the site! You can apply this strategy to an endless number of sporting events.

Furthermore, this strategy is very popular among the bettors’ and has been published on a lot of reputable online platforms like The Telegraph and Guardian, meaning that sports betting sites know it well but can’t stop players from using it! So, we advise you to learn matched betting to reap huge profits in the long run.

The Most Important Steps to Win Matching Bets

Although there are a lot of sites that promise players to get double winnings when applying the matching betting strategy in a certain way, most of these tips don’t work when applied! That’s why we have prepared for you a quick guide that shows you how to apply the matched betting strategy easily and simply.

To begin with, we advise our readers to use their computers so that they can effectively implement the rules of this strategy.

Choose the Right Site

In the beginning, you need to choose the site that offers you the best set of bonuses. Note that the terms of the bonuses should be easy and can be fulfilled effortlessly. We advise all our readers to take a look at the list of sports betting sites.

It is worth noting that there are a lot of bettors using betting exchanges portals that give them the ability to place bets against other players’ bets. So, you can agree with your friends to apply the Matched Biting strategy. However, if the site’s system detects that you are placing bets according to a certain pattern that will give you an advantage over it, it will automatically freeze your account! So, it is better to use the Matched Betting system as we have explained before!

Use Decimal Odds

Since you will sign up for multiple betting sites to apply the Matched Betting strategy, you need to standardize the odds format to compare them quickly and easily. It is always better to display the odds in decimal form since it is the most used.

Find the Right Bet

To apply the matched betting strategy effectively, you must choose a bet that you can place the opposite of in another bookmaker. For example, a Moneyline bet that asks you to select one outcome among the following results: (home/draw/away). So, if you bet on the home in the first site, you will have to bet that the away win in the second bookmaker! This way, you will have a sure chance of winning. You can also place an (Over/ Under) bet where you can bet to score 2.5 goals per match on the first site, while on the second site you bet on scoring more than 3 goals.

Find a Site That Offers Cashback Rewards

The cashback bonus is important for all bettors and it gives them a great chance to get their losses back and use them to bet again!

To give you an idea of ​​the importance of this bonus let’s use the following example:

In Germany vs UK World Cup match, you went to Red Lion to take advantage of the free bet and bet on Germany. Then, you entered Olympus Play to bet on the UK. The final score was 1 – 0 to the UK. So, you won your free bet on Olympus Play, but you lost your bet on Olympus Play! However, you didn’t lose it completely because the site offers its players a cashback bonus of 10%. So, you will get a new chance to bet.

Matched Betting Strategy Is Not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

Although the matched betting strategy will give you long-term gains, you should not rely on it as a “get-rich-quick” scheme! Always remember not to bet money that you cannot afford to lose and keep your bet within safe limits. Therefore, we recommend to all our readers and followers that they allocate a monthly budget for betting and not exceed it under any circumstances!

Save Passwords & Account Names

Since the basic rule of Matched Betting strategy is to register at multiple betting sites. you may forget your passwords! So, you can type and print them so that you can retrieve them later if you forget.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

All bettors sometimes need support so never be shy about asking for support if you want to. Players can contact customer service via live chat, email, or even phone call.

Best Matched Betting Sites

Since there are currently hundreds of sports betting sites that you can join. The experts of our site have facilitated the selection and evaluation process for you. And presented you with the best 3 sites that you can subscribe to, which are as follows:

  1. Xplaywin

Xplaywin is the best sports betting site not on GamStop at the moment! It offers a huge range of global sports such as: (football, horse racing, basketball, rugby, tennis). In addition, it offers a wide range of virtual sports and eGames as well. Daily, the site offers more than 1,500 betting odds. Furthermore, Xplaywin offers a great pack of bonuses to bettors. If you want to know more information about Xplaywin you can read the review here.

  1. Red Lion

Red Lion has a dedicated sports betting section that supports more than 30 sports as well as virtual sports. Furthermore, this site also offers the possibility to bet on celebrity news, series finales and political events! At Red Lion, bettors can get a great pack of bonuses and generous offers. On top of which is the welcome bonus pack of up to € 1,200. If you want to know more information about Red Lion you can read the review here.

  1. Olympus Play

Olympus Play is one of the best sports betting sites. Besides supporting a wide range of sports, Olympus Play also offers its players an impressive array of rewards and promotions. If you want to know more information about Olympus Play, you can read the review here.

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FAQ About Matched Betting UK

What is matched betting?

Matched betting is the most effective strategy in sports betting! In this strategy, all you need to do is sign up for 2 betting sites. On the first site you can place a bet using the free bet bonus, while on the second site, you will place a real money bet on the opposite possibility. So, you will get a guaranteed winning whether from the first site or the second.

How to match bet?

There are 2 bets that you can use to apply the match bet strategy, namely. We strongly advise players to not place other bets like correct score, simply because there are many odds and you can’t bet on them all. We know that potential winnings are very tempting, but there is no way to guarantee to get them! In general, to cover all correct score odds, you need to bet on 17 – 20 odds on 17 – 20 bookmakers!

Does matched betting work?

if you keep it simple and choose your bets carefully it will work and get very high winnings. 

Is matched betting legal?

Yes, although this strategy gives an absolute advantage to the player over the betting site, it is completely legal!

How much can you make from matched betting?

It depends on several factors which are the number of bets you place, the time you spend, and of course luck!

Is There a matched betting calculator?

No, we haven’t yet introduced a matched betting calculator, but we plan to place it on our website very soon!

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