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The internet was made available for commercial use in the mid-1990s. A few years later, Internet casinos, iGaming companies, and e wallets come into existence. By the year 2000 the climate was fully prepared for the online gambling industry to emerge and attract players worldwide. Currently, all EU countries have transparent and clear online gambling laws and licensing committees. They legalize and monitor these sites and protect minors and players. Players who are prone to gambling addiction from joining these sites. But the only country that has not been placed an online gambling law is the Netherlands (Non cruks casinos)!

List of Non KSA casino sites NL, updated: 4 January 2022
400% and up to a maximum of 2000 euros. In addition to 50 free spins on Narcos.
4.5 rating
Terms and Conditions apply
Not registered with KSA Lavish welcome bonus Ongoing promos for returning players colossal amount of games
4.5 rating
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Deposit between €20 and €200 you will receive a 150% bonus up to a maximum of €1000
4.8 rating
Terms and Conditions apply
New players will be welcomed by a 500% crypto bonus up to an equivalent of 500 EUR!
4.5 rating
T and Cs Apply
Welcome bonus with an amount worth up to €1,000
4.5 rating
Terms and Conditions Apply
New players are the luckiest in Alpha Casino! The casino gives them a generous welcome bonus that extends up to the third deposit with a total value of €2,000.
4.5 rating
Terms and Conditions apply
Bonuses is the highlight of the Rich Prize casino! You can get a new offer every time you play at the casino.
4.3 rating
Terms and Conditions apply
Welcome package with an amount of up to 6,000 EUR/USDT
4.5 rating
Terms and Conditions Apply
Bonus of 400% of up to $800 Not on gamstop Netent slots
4.8 rating
Terms and Conditions apply
Very modern and glamorous platform .Has the latest SSL encryption tech .Responsive customer care. Non gamstop
4.3 rating
Terms and Conditions Apply
If you want to start playing now, in demo mode or for real money, you can click on the “Play Now!” link on this page. While if you want to get more info about this new operator, keep reading this review!
4.0 rating
Terms and Conditions Apply
Doesn’t integrate GamStop Offers many self exclusion options. Lightning registration process.
3.8 rating
Terms and Conditions Apply
Activate the welcome offer with deposits starting from only 20 EUR or its equivalent in other currencies.
3.3 rating
Terms and Conditions Apply

Therefore, all forms of online gambling are illegal in the Netherlands. Including online casino games, sports betting sites, lotto, keno, bingo, poker networks and other sites.

As there is no law to regulate online gambling sites and no licensing commission for these companies. Casinos without KSA license have so boomed in the Netherlands and acquired a growing fanbase and customer lineup. Also, the government has missed out on huge chances to earn taxes and get income resources.

For those reasons, Netherlands decided to establish the KSA Committee to legalize online gambling business. However, this decision was long overdue but better late than never! Now online gambling companies can send requests to obtain a license and work legally in the Netherlands market. As the UKGC requires, a condition for obtaining a KSA license is registering with the self exclusion programme.

On this page, we will take a look at the legal situation of online gambling in the Netherlands. Also, we will review the self exclusion scheme, Cruks. Its influence on the market and what you can do if you joined it by mistake.

Netherlands Online Gambling Law

Based on the principles of free trade and EU Commission directives. All EU countries must allow their citizens to access goods and services online without hindrances, including online gambling services. On this basis, the Dutch virtual gambling law was enacted which was scheduled to enter into force in September 2020. However, the law implementation has been delayed for about a year due to the pandemic.

The body responsible for licensing and regulating online casinos is the KSA Committee which was set up in 2012. However, it was operating on the basis of the old gambling law that was enacted in 1964! Thus, it has not been able to deal with modern-day changes as effectively as other casino licensing commissions such as the UKGC.

From 2012 until now, the real problem with legal gambling in the Netherlands has been the outdated law that is not suitable for modern online gambling.

Therefore, the new law came to solve these obstacles and provide a real chance for gambling companies to operate legally. In addition to allowing players to enjoy their favourite games freely. In addition, this law aims to ban minors from gambling. Protect weak willed groups. Ensure games fairness and justice. Combat money laundering. Collect taxes. In addition to other tasks aimed at creating a legal status for players around the world.

KSA Committee

The main objective of the KSA committee is to control the parallel gambling market, which works far outside the law. Although the KSA launched in 2012, it relied in the past on old law which was enacted before the internet! 

As for the current law, which was passed in 2021, gives this committee greater capabilities to deal with modern changes, media, etc. Also, it allows the committee to monitor online casinos more effectively.

Now the demands of the KSA commission towards the casinos that request Netherland’s license are clear and can be outlined in the following points:

  • Having a permanent headquarter at Netherlands
  • Securing the website with robust encryption protocols
  • Pay taxes on the net income
  • Block minor players
  • Implementation of Anti money laundering protocol
  • Limit access to players who have addictive tendencies

Although the first four requirements may be easy to be monitored, the last point presented a legal challenge for the Commission! Players prone to gambling addiction are difficult to detect, and they do not consider themselves to have impulsive behaviours toward gambling!

In fact, the KSA officials were always telling that the main obstacle to their work is implementing the “responsible gambling” protocol.

In 2020, before the Netherlands online gambling law was approved, the KSA commissioned a study of the UKGC experience and their famous self exclusion programme, GamStop. Clearly, the KSA admired that scheme and wanted to create its own version. On this basis, the CRUKS self exclusion program was launched! This scheme shares many features and functions with its British cousin, but it differs slightly on the implementation side.

The Current Situation of Non Cruks Casinos

The KSA submitted the online gambling law draft in 2018, which was then approved by the parliament the following year. Then, it went into effect at the end of 2021. At the time the law entered into force, the KSA began taking requests from gambling companies. At the time of writing this text, more than 30 companies had applied for it, but only 10 were approved. Although it is a modest number, it broke the ice of this online gambling scene in the Netherlands.

The many rejections were due to failure to comply with one or more of the following standards:

  • Protecting weak willed players
  • Offering internal self exclusion scheme
  • Applying the responsible gaming protocol

Providing services that urge players to deposit more money regardless of their losses (e.g., VIP schemes).

Furthermore, the committee took harsh measures against casinos that operate outside the online gambling act. For example, they have imposed a huge fine amounting to 500,000 Euros on Tipico for refusing to pay players’ winnings!

Similar to the UKGC, a condition for obtaining a KSA licence is participation in Cruks, a national voluntary self exclusion scheme that applies to land-based and online gambling venues.

Niet Cruks Casino

Cruks is a free and easy-to-use programme that aims to help punters who have addictive tendencies overcome this ordeal and control their gambling behavior more effectively.

This scheme assumes that weak willed punters with addictive motives will decide to stay away from gambling sites, but shortly after they fail to stick to their decision and return to playing again. Then, they will think of stop gambling, but they will fail to commit to their decision shortly after, and so forth! Thus, by joining the Cruks service, the player will ban himself from all legal gambling activities inside the Netherlands for a period of his choosing.

Cruks players cannot get around this scheme because it is built on the Dutch e-ID system, DigiD. This system allows Dutch people to quickly identify themselves when using the websites of banks, companies, and schools. In addition, this programme applies to both regular and online casinos. For example, when you sign up for any online casino or sports betting site, the site will ask you to enter your DigiD code. By this code, the casino will discover if you’re on Cruks scheme.

How to Get a DigiD Number?

If you do not have a DigiD number, you can quickly issue it by heading to this website and filling in the signup form with your details and this info:

  • Your local ID number (BSN)
  • Residence address
  • Date of Birth

Then you should send photos of your personal ID. If you’re a foreigner, you can submit an EEA ID card or a copy of your passport.

After that, specify a username and set a strong password. Also, you can take a screenshot of your DigiD number and save it on your mobile or tablet to get it to recover it afterwards easily

Note that having a DigiD number is essential to play at Dutch licensed casinos.

How Do Non Cruks Casinos Deal With Self Excluded Players?

Any new player at online or offline Dutch casinos has to give his DigiD code before entering. So, if any player has an active account on Cruks. However, he tries to go to an online or land based casino, the casino will ask him for DigiD code. Accordingly, discovers that he is on Cruks programme. Therefore, the casino will block him directly! 

Note that the DigiD code of the self excluded players is linked with another Crucks code which is stored on the data base of this system. However, it is very harmful for excluded players to have their citizen service number linked to “problem gambling”. For example, subscription with this scheme can lower the players’ credit score and deprive them from applying to financial services.

Cruks systems depends on many data survey tools to figure out addiction patterns. However, all these tools are working as a beta. Now, the programme relies mainly on player questions, opinion polls, and surveys. Thus, although the Cruks scheme is very rigorous, it is still nascent and has not yet been enhanced by researches and related studies such as GamStop.

The programme targets all gambling venues in general. Including, online casinos, land based casinos, betting shops, sports betting sites, keno, bingo and poker networks. Although casino games and sports betting are the primary types of gambling worldwide, this is not the case in the Netherlands where 40% of the gambling industry goes to the lotto! Therefore, the KSA Committee announced that it would double its checks on the lotto companies which work online or offline.

Is “Cruks” the Dutch Version of “GamStop”?

CRUKS and GamStop have a lot in common. Firstly, they are designed to help players who want to get rid of casino games and overcoming gambling urges. With a single request, the player can block himself from all licensed gambling services for a period of his choosing.

Secondly, both programmes offer varying periods of self exclusion, ranging from 6 months to 5 years. However, CRUKS provides the option of permanent ban from all gambling activities without return.

Thirdly, for the programmes to effectively reduce addicted players’ participation in gambling activities, UKGC and KSA require all local gambling companies to integrate these programmes or otherwise they will lose their licenses.

Fourthly, both services are completely free and are funded by taxes collected from gambling companies.

Fifthly, weak willed players in UK and Netherlands can join any service online, and both can’t be cancelled or get around.

Despite these similar traits, the two services differ in some features as well. For example, CRUKS applies to both online and regular casinos. GamStop targets online gambling sites, while regular casinos have another self exclusion program, SENSE.

GameStop features an easy sign up process and fast approval, while CRUKS scheme registration is a little more difficult as it requires players for accurate data such as a BSN code.

When Should You Sign Up For Non Cruks Casino Service?

Joining Cruks is optional for all players who wish to get away from gambling for a while. Since it can be difficult to make the decision to participate in Cruks. We have prepared for you a list of the most important questions on symptoms of problem gambling. Take a look at these questions, and if your answer to one or more questions with “yes”. Then, you should consult a pro therapist and ask him about the joining this scheme.

  • Increasing the bets amount to get the same level of excitement.
  • Feeling angry when trying to pause gambling even for short period.
  • The repeated attempts to stop always end up resuming gambling!
  • Constant thinking about gambling (For example, feeling pleasure at remembering past winnings. Thinking about the next gaming session. Considering that gambling is based on skill rather than luck. Trying to make a living from gambling).
  • Reliance on gambling to get rid of negative emotions, such as sadness, guilty.
  • Lying to hide your gambling behaviour and losses that you’re suffering from.
  • Losing the life valuables (e.g., job, career) because of gambling.
  • Seeking help from others to compensate for gambling losses.

Answering these questions will not be sufficient to determine whether you have an addiction tendency or not. So, you should consult a pro therapist to decide whether or not you should participate in the Cruks scheme. However, if you skip this phase and join the service directly, and then discovered that you aren’t addicted to gambling in the first place. Unluckily, you will not be able to play again on the local casinos. But, you’ve still a chance to play at the offshore casinos.

Is Joining Cruks Can Be a Wrong Decision?

If you didn’t answer any of the previous questions with “yes”, and yet you have signed up for Cruks programme. So, certainly, you have made the wrong decision!

In fact, many Dutch players join the Cruks scheme for reasons not related to gambling addiction in the first place. For example, when experiencing large losses in one session or when trying to cut spending to save money to buy property. However, you should be aware that you can’t cancel or limit your Cruks account. However, you can play on Non KSA Casinos! These casinos operate outside the Netherlands legally and hold licenses of countries where they operate from. So, they aren’t required to participate on Cruks

When you play at Dutch casinos without Cruks, you do not have to sacrifice any crucial feature. To the contrary, you will enjoy many benefits that are not usually exist on local casinos.

For instance, on Netherland’s casinos not on Cruks, you will be able to make your payments and withdrawals via mobile using cryptos. However, these currencies aren’t accepted on local casinos because the KSA committee completely prohibits them due to the regulatory challenges and monry laundering risks. Furthermore, the ideal casinos not on Cruks deal with top studios worldwide to offer an amazing group of games that include something attractive for every player.

Non Cruks casinos focus on providing an excellent and high quality gaming experience to all players by offering handy, responsive, and neat platforms compatible with all smartphones and tablets. In addition, many casinos offer apps that you can download through the casino platform.

What Are the Non Cruks Casinos?

As its name suggests, Non Cruks Casinos are gambling portals that operate from foreign countries. However, they can accept Dutch players whether if they are on Cruks scheme or not.

Most of these casinos hold licenses of credible bodies, such as:

Obtaining a license is a must for ideal casinos not on Cruks to get into business. If the casino doesn’t obtain a license, nothing will happen! It will not be able to open a business bank account, add payment methods, and host genuine iGaming content.

However, many distinctive online casinos operate independently from countries that don’t have specific gambling authorities. So, they set up their business as any commerce activity, open a fiscal and tax file, and apply them to the labour office in the country where they are based. 

In addition, the stand alone casinos don’t belong to a known company on the industry. They are micro or small businesses that aim to get their fair share in the industry. Given that most of the stand alone casinos are still kids on the block, they lack the fame. However, their marketing plan tries to overcome this shortage by offering a bountiful bonus collection. Rich game lobby. Multiple gaming platforms for smartphones. So, you will likely find features that aren’t widely available on the licensed brands.

Are Casinos Without KSA License Safe?

Yes! If an online casino doesn’t apply the standard protection protocols it will fade out soon. Luckily, all the protection components can be figured out easily by any novice player. Furthermore, all modern internet browsers check the site’s safety before opening it. If the site is non secure, the browser will warn you and ask you to leave the site.

Non Cruks casinos install robust firewalls, solid SSL protocols to secure their customers’ data. Also, they have dedicated teams of software engineers who work to solve any technical issue even before it arises! In addition, If you take a quick look at the privacy policy and the terms and conditions of any Non KSA Casino, you will find it casino strictly adheres to global data protection protocols. So, you can rest assured that your data will not fall into the hands of third party companies, hackers, or government bodies. On the contrary, Netherlands casinos are required to share their data with the KSA committee and other affiliated bodies! 

Who Are the Target Players of Non Cruks casinos?

Non Cruks casinos target customers from all over the world. So, they strive to offer something unique to each player and meet the different players’ tastes. Indeed, this is a big advantage for any novice or pro player! It comes as no surprise when you find a casino offers 2,000 – 3,000 titles powered by more than 150 iGaming creators. All these games work on the HTML5 format. So, they are compatible with all devices even mobiles with very small display size.

Video slots games always take up the biggest share of the casino games lobby. However, you will find wide variants of table games, and live dealer options.

Non Cruks casinos don’t keep their customers in blues, when it comes to the pay off rates of the games, as you can find out the game’s RTP percentage from the info page. Also, you will be able to try any title in the demo mode before risking real money on any of the non KSA casinos.

When it comes to payments, Dutch casinos without Cruks offer a wide range of handy, convenient, and fast banking options. In addition, they accept a wide range of crypto and cash money.

If you are used to playing with your smartphone or tablet, you will be able to access the web based platform through any browser you use. Also, there are many outstanding Netherland’s casinos not on Cruks that offer a mobile app. Whether if you prefer to play on the browser or app, you will be able to use all the casino features on the go.

Where You Can Find Recommendations For Netherland’s Non Cruks Casinos?

Of course, if you live in the Netherlands you will not access non KSA Casinos easily! Dutch reviewing sites do not list them, and they are not allowed to use the public ad methods in the Netherlands. However, do not worry, you’re in the right place! On our website, you list and review the best Non Cruks casinos to enjoy a unique gaming experience.

Our site offers you accurate and impartial reviews for non Cruks casinos which you can depend on to choose the best casino.

Our reviews cover all non KSA Casinos aspects, including bonuses, game collection, finances, and customer service. In addition, we answer the most frequently asked questions about the casino as well.

To make easier and faster for you to compare between Dutch casinos without Cruks, we place the main comparison points at the top of each review page. If you find a reasonable casino but you’re hesitant about joining it, you can click on the “Play Now” link and open it and try out the free games it offers and test all its functions before creating a new account. If you are still unsure about the casino, you can email us your inquiries and we will answer as soon as possible!

How to Open an Account on Ideal Casinos Not on Cruks?

Before creating an account on one of the Netherland’s casinos not on Cruks, you should first pick a credible and worthy casino. So, before signing up a new account on any of the non Cruks casinos you should do your homework by reading our reviews to figure out the best one. 

Creating a new account on casinos without KSA license is very easy and straightforward process even If you have never tried it before! All you need to do is to follow these steps:

Click on the play now link on the casino review page on our website or on the casinos list.

  • Click on the “sign up” or “register” tab at the top of the casino homepage.
  • The casino will take you to the sign up form which ask you to enter some details. Including full name, address, email, password. 
  • You can check your email and open the message sent by the casino and click on the activation code to start using your account.
  • Now, you can make your first deposit by going to the cashier section, select your preferred method, enter the transaction amount, and confirm the process.
  • If you want to activate the welcome promo, tick the box on the deposit page.
  • Now, you can start playing.
  • During the sign up process you will tick the boxes of privacy policy and casino conditions. Indeed, it is better to read these pages before agreeing to these terms.

Account Verification Process on Casinos Without KSA License

Casinos without KSA license apply the KYC (know your customer) protocol, just like any local Dutch casino. However, Non Cruks casinos are not very strict like their local counterparts. they can postpone this procedure for a long time or exempt the client from it if he deposits and withdraws limited amounts!

To make the KYC process as easy and flexible as possible you need to make sure that all the info you entered in the sign up form is correct and up to date. Then, email the casino copies of these personal documents:

  • Face and back of the ID card/ passport/ driving license.
  • Residency card (also you can send a domestic bill or a bank statement).

This procedure is applied in any online or offline business deals with financial and personal data of customers and accepts remittances from them to identify their customers, reduce money laundering and avoid the participation of minors.

There’s nothing to worry about, as these documents are revised by the casino team.

Advantages & Pitfalls of casinos without KSA license

Everything in the world has advantages and pitfalls, including playing on Dutch casinos without Cruks. However, the pros of Dutch casinos without Cruks are conclusive as they grant the players unmatched freedom, convenient, and protection. On the contrary, the local Dutch casinos limit your access to certain games, don’t offer many functions, and share your data with the KSA and its affiliate bodies. Next is a quick review of the pros and cons of the Dutch casinos without Cruks.

Pros of Netherland’s casinos not on Cruks

Get Around Cruks Scheme! 

The most important aspect of Non Cruks casinos is the ability to play there even during the self exclusion period. Whether if your self block period is 6 months, 5 years or even permanent, you will be able to enjoy all the different games and services offered to you by Dutch casinos without Cruks. However, you shouldn’t consider these casinos as “Plan B”, rather they outperform the local casinos in many great features. For instance, they offer an excellent selection of games, a bountiful range of bonuses, and 24/7 customer service.

High Payments Limits

Casinos without KSA license seek to accept players from all over the world they feature very flexible deposit limits. Starting from 10 EUR to 5,000 EUR for one payment. With these limits, all players can easily enjoy all the games and the casino offers regardless of their budgets.

Many Banking Methods

Accepting a wide range of payment methods is a type of unspoken rule among non KSA casinos! You will be presented with many options at any casino or sports betting site. The most common are the credit and debit cards – Mastercard, Visa. In addition to the eWallets – Skrill, Neteller, MuchBetter, ecoPayz, and AstroPay. Also, you can consider the digital currencies like BTC, Litecoin, ETH, Tether. These are the most common payment methods on the ideal casinos not on Cruks. All of them allow players to make instant deposits and timely cash outs.

Great Deal of Games

KSA strictly monitor and control games on the Dutch casinos. Therefore, you will find local casinos offering a limited selection of games. On the contrary, the casinos without KSA license have more than enough room within which to deal with iGaming creators. So, it is not surprising to find +3,000 games on a single casino library.

There are no obstacles in dealing with game studios or offer a wide range of gaming options! from the first glance of the game lobby of ideal casinos not on Cruks, you will find more than enough variants of slots, blackjack, poker, baccarat, and many live dealer games.

Compatible With Mobile Devices

All Non Cruks casinos offers browser based platform which come in handy of all mobile users. In addition, there are many distinct casinos that furnish their players with native app for both Android and IOS devices. Whether if you prefer to play on browser or via the casino app, you will be able to enjoy the full range of games. Also, you will be able to customize the game’s graphics to suit your battery charge and internet connection. 

Top Notch Support Service

Customer service is an important part of casinos without KSA license. This department works 24/7 even on bank holidays to take on your messages and give a prompt response to them. Also, you they can solve any glitch you may encounter while making a deposit or withdraw. All Non Cruks casinos offer many channels of contact with the support service, including the live chat, email, and hotline.

Rich Collection of Bonuses

Since most of the casinos without KSA license are very new. So, they try to catch the attention of the players by offering a bountiful bundle of bonuses, offers, and promos. All in all, the welcome bonus is the biggest offer in any casino’s bonus list. It can cover the first deposit or the first several deposits you make. Also, loyal players can get many ongoing deals including, reload bonuses, free spins, and cashback offers. In addition, they can join the VIP scheme and get various prizes, cash bonuses, and other rewards.

Cons of Dutch Non Cruks Casinos

Not a Suitable Solution For Weak Willed Players 

Non KSA Casinos is an excellent way to get around Crucks limitation if you don’t have an addiction tendency towards gambling in the first place. However, if you feel that you are unable to control your gambling behavior, you shouldn’t resume gambling in any way. In addition, you should consult a qualified therapist to get an accurate understanding of your case and what is the most appropriate solution for you to follow.

You will deal with a different regulatory body from KSA

The KSA is the one and only regulator authority for both real and virtual gambling activities in the Netherlands. Thus, no licensor body in any other country can protect you because they are not authorized to do so. Thus, when you play at offshore casino you will lack the protection that you can get when playing at local casinos. However, you can overcome this problem by choosing a credible casino from the ground up like the casinos we recommend to you on our site.

Ideal Non Cruks Casinos

Online gambling is a rapidly changing industry. There is a new casino popping up on the scene every week, iGaming studios launch new games monthly, not to mention the incentives. So, if you are not an expert of comparing Non Cruks casinos, you may have a hard time finding the right place. Thus, next, we will recommend you the top 5 casinos without KSA license. All the casinos listed below are new to the scene. We think that each gambling devotee should be interested in new casinos. As these sites come with alluring bonuses, interesting new games, and give you massive chance to hit the jackpot and other grand prizes.

Casper Spins Casino

Casper spins is one of the best Dutch casinos without Cruks. This site can simply blow your mind with its big incentives, broad variants of games, and a pro support service. Although it started recently in 2021, it is now on bar with famous brands. The browser based platform is neat, classy, and depend on bright theme. Also, it’s structure is very flexible, light on data, and allow you to navigate between pages and sections rapidly. Also, you can make use of the Android mobile app which will give you a non deposit bonus of $5. The casino accepts a wide range of payment solutions and currencies. If you want to know more info about Casper spins, click here.

Platinum Club VIP

As you can figure out from the name, Platinum Club VIP offers their players a premium casino experience. Even if you don’t intend to deposit large sums, you will be able to play as a VIP customer.

In terms of the bonuses, we can consider Platimum Club VIP as one of the ideal casinos not on Cruks. This site offers the new players a bountiful set of bonuses, promos, and limited time offers which will boost your bankroll on each gaming session. New players who prefer to make their deposits in crypto, can claim a 500% bonus on their first deposit. Also, the casino offers the sports punters a generous 100% bonus amount upwards of €100. In addition, the loyal players can claim a 400% reload offer with an amount of up to 3,000 EUR.

Apart from the bonuses. You will find here a rich collection of games. Many deposit options. Wide range of currencies. Handy mobile interface. If you want to know more info about Casper spins, click here.

Kaboom Casino

Kaboom casino explode the Non Cruks casinos standards! Although this casino joined the scene at the end of 2021, it compiles all the industry’s innovations. Here you will find a wide array of gambling games. Tempting bonuses with low strings. Around the clock support service. Handy mobile platform. If you want to know more info about Casper spins, click here.

Tropic Slots 

Tropic Slots Casino has a smart and fast interface based on the tropical fruits and safari theme. Although it is still young on the scene, it perfectly meets the demands and needs of all players! New customers here can get a great welcome bonus covering the first six deposits with a total amount of €5,295. Furthermore, you will be able to participate in different tournaments and competitions. Smartphone players can access the browser based platform or enjoy playing through the casino app. Tropic Slots has made many partnerships with global studios alongside with many emerging studios to offer a wide game collection. If you want to know more info about Casper spins, click here.

Libra Spins

Libra Spins is a very new casino that joined the online gambling arena in 2021. However, there is no shortcoming related to the casino age! The site facilitates the sign-up process for all players and offer two ways to create a new account. The full registration form and the one click sign up form. All new players can claim a set of lucrative bonuses and offers with an amount of up to 3,000 EUR. In addition, the loyal players can collect many weekly rewards and monthly deals. Libra Spins game lobby coming from many top rating studios including, NextGen, NetEnt, and Ezugi. If you want to know more info about Casper spins, click here.

Final Thoughts about Non Cruks Casinos

Before 2021, the Netherlands was the only EU country that doesn’t have an online gambling law! In fact, it is long overdue. Although the law was drawn up in 2018, it came into effect in 2021. At the same time that the law was enforced, the KSA required all licensed casinos to register with the national self exclusion programme, CRUKS. Despite the great benefits that this program offers, if the player subscribes to it by mistake, he will not be able to play again in Dutch casinos! So, if you signed up for a program by mistake, you can bypass this problem by playing at outside casinos.

FAQs About Dutch Casinos Without Cruks

Are There Any Risks in Playing at Non KSA Casinos?

Not at all! Non KSA casinos are legal companies that operating outside of Netherlands borders and can accept Dutch players. These sites hold licenses of the relevant authorities from countries where they are based. Also, they apply all protection standards to secure your personal info and payment data from fraud or hacking.

Can I Play at non KSA Casinos Via My Mobile?

Yes, you can access the web platform of the casino from any browser you use. Also, many Non Cruks casinos offer an app that you can download on your smartphone or tablet.

Are Non Cruks casinos Games Fair?

Yes, all non Crucks casinos showcase games from the same providers whose games are available on KSA casinos. These games have known RTP rates and give their outcomes based on the RNG element which give random outcomes.

What Are the Accepted Payment Methods on Netherland’s Casinos not on Cruks?

You can make deposits and withdrawals at non KSA Casinos using banking cards, prepaid cards, E Wallets, and digital currencies.

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