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In the UK, stats show that 10% of gamers are victims of gambling addiction. Formerly considered as spendthrifts, health professionals have recognized for some years now the pathological nature of the problem.

According to the various studies, the compulsive gambling is more accentuated on games providing immediate gains. This is the case for sports betting, lotto, and scratch cards. Also, this certainly includes online best UK casinos and sports betting sites as well.

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When the compulsive phenomenon becomes a problem in daily life, it is possible to be exclude yourself from casinos or online gambling. Note that if you take the step of being banned from casinos or online gambling, this is not final. The minimum exclusion period is 6 months and, in some cases, this can be tacitly renewed if you do not take the step of canceling it. So far there is no immediate and forever option that you can use to exclude yourself from virtual gambling sites.

In this post we will learn about the most important bacta self exclusion options available and how to use them to prevent gambling addiction.

What Is Problem Gambling? 

The problem gambling is proven when the need to gamble becomes compulsive. This has consequences on daily life such as:

  • Medical effects on health (mental and physical)
  • Financial crises
  • Impact on personal life (friends, family)

With the development of the internet, access to gambling is becoming easier and easier. Creating an account to play instant games online takes minutes. Similarly, brick and mortar casinos are present everywhere in the territory.

How to Exclude Yourself From an Online Gambling Site? 

Trusted gambling sites are subject to government gambling commissions that require them to offer self exclusion tools to players with problem gambling.

Thus, if you wish to close your customer account with a gambling site for reasons of addictive behaviour, be aware that most legal gambling sites offer a “self exclusion” option.

As a rule, you can do this with one click from your personal account and without giving further details or providing more documents.

By taking this step, you are choosing to self exclude on a ‘temporary' (several weeks to a few months) or ‘longer duration' basis (3 – 5 years).

This will prevent you from playing on the site in question (this also applies to various mobile apps offered by the bookmaker) or from reopening a new account within the period you have specified.

It is worth noting that by opting for self exclusion, your account will only be closed or suspended at the relevant site. Thus, if you have several accounts with different gambling sites, you will have to repeat this procedure with each site.

What Options Are Available?

Many casinos offer less drastic solutions to help players reduce their gambling habits.  Among these preventive measures, we find for example: 

  • Deposit limit – to limit the amount you can transfer to their account. This limit also can include withdrawals.
  • Take a break – deactivate the account for short periods of time.
  • Permanent closure – close the account and ask the provider not to contact you again.
  • Account statement – to get a formalized record of the money wagered on the platform
  • Set max bet limit – set a limit for bets.

Using Self Exclusion Apps

The second way you can stop online gambling is with block casinos apps.

This method can be suitable for players who have a severe addiction problem or people who have multiple accounts on a lot of gambling sites.

Apps offer varying self exclusion periods ranging from 6 months to 5 years.

During this period, you will not be able to continue playing on any site that you have previously played at. In addition, you will not be able to create new accounts with other gambling sites.

It is worth noting that your participation in self exclusion apps or schemes is irrevocable. This will greatly support your will. Some of the most prominent apps available for British players are:

Can the Player's Bank Help Him?

Banks can also help players limit their online gambling expenses. You can ask them to: 

  • Prevent you from using your credit or debit card to play
  • Help you planning your payments.

What About Offshore Gambling Sites?

GamStop does not include offshore gambling sites or apps. However, there are solutions problem gamblers can take such as:

  • Blocking payments to the player’s account from his bank or credit/debit card.
  • Installing software that blocks access to offshore gambling sites.
  • Installing ad blockers that allow you to no longer view ads and promotions on your web browser.

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