When the Corona pandemic spread around the world, the popularity of online casinos rose! These virtual casinos were one of the most attractive sources of entertainment among British players in quarantine. However, the increasing number of players has led to an increase in the number of addicts as well! Thus, the UKGC has taken several decisive steps to “reduce the attraction” of casino games. Likely players who discovered online gambling games during the pandemic, will not quit playing soon.

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Although gambling addiction is not worth this much concern since it is not contagious and affects only 2% of gamers. The UKGC imposed a lot of restrictions on this industry to combat this problem and most of these decisions will be in the act during 2021.

In this article, we will take a look at the most important decisions that will change the UK online gambling industry in the imminent future!

Gambling Companies Won’t Be Able to Use Any Advertising Method

In the past, gambling companies used metro stations to put up advertising posters to promote themselves.

Now, they will not be able to place these posters or use any other advertising method! This subject was a debate among British legislators; There is a group that believed that such ads support other industries, while its impact on people is very limited, and thinking about someone being addicted to gambling because he saw a casino ad in the metro station is almost funny!

As for the second group, they were believed that gambling companies should be treated like tobacco companies and banned from using all advertising methods. They think that this step can reduce the number of gamblers, so it will reduce the number of addicts as well!

Since the number of gamblers has increased during the spread of the Corona pandemic. The UKGC will ban online and offline casinos from using all advertising methods inside the UK.

Furthermore, the UKGC is seriously considering banning sports betting companies from sponsoring British teams!

UKGC Raising the Minimum Age For Players

Over the last 5 years, a lot of underage players (between 18:21) have won jackpots at British online casinos! Although online casinos consider the legal age is 18, the UKGC is considering raising this age to 21 to eliminate the gambling among teenagers in virtual gambling as in real casinos.

In addition, the UK will require casinos not to use on-site banners that contain graphical content like characters and animals to not be alluring for teenagers and children!

Players Cannot Cancel Withdrawals During Processing Period

Starting from 1 November 2021, UK players will not be able to cancel withdrawals during the processing period. Among the group of the UKGC decisions, this one is the best for players! The committee believes that cancelling withdrawals is a symptom of gambling addiction!

In fact, casinos should process withdrawals quickly because there is a logical reason for this long delay! In most cases, withdrawal requests are processed within a period of between one to seven days. Do we live in the telegraph age?!

The UK Casinos Will Not Accept Credit Cards anymore!

Credit cards lend money to users, however, using credit cards on online gambling sites may be a symptom of addiction!

As the UKGC believes that these cards are a “way to borrow without control by clicking a button!”. This can seriously affect vulnerable gamblers as well as banks that want to get back their money! However, players can still use credit cards at new casinos not on GamStop.

No More AutoSpins nor Other In-Game Features!

The Autospin speeds up slots spins as it keeps the game spinning as long as you have a positive credit! Therefore, players may lose more money within a short period. So, they will make more deposits to continue playing.

In addition, the UKGC announced that it will require game studios to remove all features such as free spins, gambling rounds, wild, and scatter symbols; because they make the gaming experience “more enticing”!

Players Will Become Equal … Cancellation of VIP Schemes!

The UKGC requires casinos to prepare detailed reports about the harms of the VIP schemes.

The primary purpose of ​​these schemes is to give players who deposit thousands of Euros some points which they can exchange for few pennies! Of course, only addicts can find these programmes attractive!

Also, the UK casinos owners think that it is easier to cancel these programs than do the required reports! Obviously, no one is excited about these schemes at all!

The Casino Owner & License Holder Must Be the Same Person

This may be the only decision that is not directly related to the players and is mainly for the casinos.

This decision helps the committee to deal with the responsible person directly without deputies.

For example, the license holder can be a member of the board of directors or someone else who own the casino's name. The committee rejects this contradiction!

What can you do if you don't like these restrictions?

Although these restrictions are designed to protect players, they can be a double-edged sword! It prevents players from enjoying a pleasant weekend gambling experience. However, players can play at non GamStop casino which doesn't apply any of these decisions.

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