Matthew Benham is one of the most famous names in the sports gambling industry. Despite that he always preferred to be out of the limelight, there was always mystery surrounding him and his wealth. The “mystery investor” is the majority shareholder of two Football clubs; the English club Brentford and the Danish club Midtjylland.

The more important question that arises is how did Matthew Benham get all the money to make these huge deals? Although there are no clear reports about his companies profits, it is known that he built up his entire empire from Sports betting!

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Benham owns two successful sports betting companies; Matchbook and Smartodds. Matchbook is a betting exchange online gate that offers peer-to-peer bets and doesn’t lay its own betting options. Smartodds company offers betting analytics, consulting, and advisory services to sports bettors in the UK and all over the world and these two companies are very popular among British bettors.

Although it is normal to see a lot of sports betting brands owning football clubs, what is interesting about Matthew Benham is that he is a mysterious investor who does not like to appear in the media like other investors.

Who Is Matthew Benham?

Besides being an investor, and owner of several sports betting companies, Benham is also a professional bettor, but he does not like to appear so much that his pictures available on the Internet are very few and there is no interview with him on YouTube. Thus, he is called the “mystery investor”! However, he gained great fame when he acquired the majority share of Brentford club stocks. As football is a huge industry, no deal can remain hidden! Despite the mystery surrounding Matthew Benham, this made people more curious about his business, net wealth, and betting style.

Benham is a wealthy intelligent investor. Also, he is a gambler and a pioneer of football betting analysis as well. These unique traits blend can only exist in a math genius. Indeed, Benham is! He studied physics at the well-known Oxford University from 1986 to 1989.

In one of Matthew's rare TV interviews, he stated that he was a football fan since his childhood. The first match he watched from the stadium was between Brentford and Colchester in the late seventies, which Brentford won 1 – 0. Now, Benham is the owner of his favourite club!

Matthew Benham Investments in the Sports Betting Industry

Given that Matthew Benham's studied physics in college which all depends on math and analytics. So, it's no surprise that he is a genius in sports betting!

Matthew Benham's gambling career started in 2001 as he was working as a trader in the Premier Bet. At this time, he was headed by one of the most talented bettors in the world – Tony Bloom. However, the word is that they have had problems and have not coordinated with each other since then. So, he left the Premier Bet to devote himself to professional sports betting. But it is not known how many winnings he got from betting; Because the winnings of players from casino games and sports betting are tax free and therefore not monitored.

In 2004, Matthew Benham decided to establish the well-known sports betting company (Smartodds), which does not offer sports betting services or betting exchange but offers the big sports bettors a consulting service to guide them to the best events, options, predictions from which they can make big profits just as in the case of stock advisory companies!

The word is that Matthew Benham is a client of Smartodds, and, at the same time, he is the Chairman of its Board of Directors! He has made huge fortunes from this company over the past two decades.

In addition to Smartodds, Benham also founded the popular bookmaker site Matchbook in 2011 which is a platform that provides betting exchange services exactly like Betfair.

Investments in the Football Clubs

Matthew Benham also entered the business of acquisitions football clubs in 2006 and decided to acquire Brentford FC. Shortly after, he buys the largest stock share of Midtjylland FC. Before Benham bought these clubs, they were suffering from a difficult financial situation. Thanks to his smart strategy, he managed to increase the club revenues to pay loans and make profits. In addition, he established a stadium that can accommodate 20,000 fans and started hosting matches from the season 2016-17. 

Of course, Matthew Benham's total net worth cannot be determined because he does not appear much in the media and enjoys a very high level of privacy. However, he has made this huge fortune through his long career in the sports gambling industry.

Matthew Benham Net Worth

There is no clear word on the fortune of the 52-year-old mystery investor, but he has saved his favourite club from £500,000 debts. And invested £90m to buy first-team players and improve the club's infrastructure. Of course, this money is peanuts for him!

In the last years, Football clubs have become the goose that lay golden eggs more than ever. They can generate money every single minute, thanks to the Sponsorship contracts, sale of streaming rights, ads and tournament prizes. Even buying and selling players became profitable to the clubs’ owners.


Although most millionaires cannot retain their privacy in the modern era, Matthew Benham succeeded in that! And this is not his only success, this mystery investor is one of the most famous names in the sports betting industry in Britain and the whole world. Despite he is known as a professional bettor, it is not known exactly how much profit he got from sports betting as a player. Likewise, there are no accurate reports about his companies’ net profits. All things considered, this huge success proves that math geniuses can always make huge fortunes from sports betting like Edward Thorpe, Phil Ivey and Bob Voulgaris.

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